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What A Rollercoaster Ride The Last Couple Of Months Have Been.

Haven't shared anything in a long time, because there has been a lot of life going on over the last couple of months. Summer in the north is full-on, especially if you have kids at home 24/7.

To summarize it briefly, I would say it has been a healing journey for me and my partner. A lot of old shit has resurfaced, resulting in an unbalanced state of mind with heavy emotions. No good ways to deal with it due to no real time for rest and recharging. So survival mode has been our state lately.

But I must say that I’m proud of ourselves, we have cried tons, talked a lot, gotten healing help from many different sources, we have meditated way more and reflected on our reality and we have accepted that we both had to go through this crazy long dark night of the soul and we have both known the whole time that it would lead to something better eventually.

And now we’re starting to get our balance back, passion and creativity are flowing again and we are seeing a new light emerging.

I’m truly grateful for the solid foundation that we have together. It got put under a heavy test, where tons of stuff came crashing into it and it didn’t crack.

I don’t know why I’m sharing this ramble, but maybe it can help someone else that’s stuck on a crazy rollercoaster ride. I mean if you’re reading this blog, you’re aware of the shift in energies that the whole planet is going through. Ascension isn’t just fun and games, it can be a real bitch! Looking at and releasing your childhood trauma, becoming super sensitive to other people's energies, and being knocked out by overwhelming high frequencies are just some of the many things we have to go through on our journey to higher consciousness.

So do your best to be mindful, be present, connect with nature, ground yourself, create, meditate in love and just enjoy life as much as possible. We got this! Remember, we are all love.

We can feel that this is just the beginning of an amazing journey together. More art and products are on the way, so look out for that.

Much love from us at High in the Arctic.

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