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Nothing Really Matters.

I find it truly freeing to have the ego totally diminished to the point where everything is surrendered to and accepted. It makes me appreciate this temporary human experience so much more. Being in a human body might just be the most trippy experience ever. But you kind of have to get the reminder once in a while to hold that memory and awareness within you. It’s really no point in getting it as conceptual knowing from a book or someone saying it, you need to experience it to know it without a doubt.

I’m so grateful for all the experiences I have had and I wish that everyone would have the chance to experience this knowing, that nothing really matters, we’re all one, we’re all source having a human illusionary separate experience. I love the fact that source is curious, so curious that it has fractalized into infinite versions just to experience everything. We all have this knowledge if we just tap into it. We’re all energy and energy can’t die, it can just take a different form. Meaning we have all been everything and we will all be everything the day we die, but most importantly, we are all everything right now. We’re all connected to everything and the same as separation, time is also an illusion. It’s all just now. With that knowledge, I find it more fun to experience this illusion of time and separation in this 4D duality world of ours.

Aurora Borealis Energy.

This is the second time I have connected to this amazing energy. Maybe what I experienced recently was just an illusion, I don’t know, I just know that it felt real and that it resonated with me. I had this telepathy communication with the aurora borealis energy, showing me that the evolution of humanity is an ascending one into new levels of consciousness. Meaning that everyone will have my experience and everyone will remember who we truly are! It gave me a sense of relief and I will do my best to just relax into it and go with the constant flow.

The Amazing Dance of Love.

I also got to look at the amazing dance of love in a relationship, to see it from an objective perspective, to look at the feelings without being them and the attachments without feeling them. So beautiful and so freeing and I’m just left with a huge sense of gratefulness that I get to experience true love in this human experience.

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