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A Big Shout Out To This Fantastic Interview Between Danica Patrick & Darryl Anka!

A brief summerize.

Darryl Anka is a channeler who communicates with an extraterrestrial entity named Bashar.

The interview discusses the frustration of navigating the current state of the world and finding harmony and escape from harmful practices. Anka describes the feeling of channeling and how it differs from his own imagination.

He also discusses the advanced technology used by extraterrestrial crafts for interstellar travel, the concept of multiple timelines and counterparts, the potential benefits of hybrid beings, the reasons behind government secrecy regarding extraterrestrial life, and the impact of artificial intelligence on human evolution.

Anka explains the five principles taught by Bashar for creating a more conscious reality and also discusses synchronicity, limitations, and the power of our choices and actions in shaping the world we desire.

Darryl Anka explores various topics including the growing separation between individuals of different vibrational frequencies, the power of predictions, the importance of being the living example of positivity, the concept of individual paths and cyclical learning, Earth's unique value as a learning experience, the wisdom of channeling, and the transformative potential of direct personal connections to Source.

Anka emphasizes the need for positivity, growth, and overcoming challenges while promoting personal empowerment and embracing one's own inner divinity.

Pretty Intense Podcast

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