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psycedelic landscape

About us

We are High In The Arctic.

A collective of open-hearted and like-minded humans, who love to create psychedelic-inspired art, clothing, and accessories, but most of all to spread high vibes and love in various ways. Located in a magic place of the earth with midnight sun and northern lights, with mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans, with four seasons, with big contrasts and constant change in the environment. A place with historic shamanic use of Entheogen’s, a place of mystic, a place with witches, trolls, elves, orbs, and Reindeers. 


You can say that our shamanic ancestors were the true hippies of the North. Today we are a global society, so our inspiration comes from all over the place. With that said we still feel the spirit of our ancestors from the north and we see it as our mission to spread a piece of that magic to the rest of the world. We, therefore, invite you to join us and be High In The Arctic.

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