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Psychedelic T-Shirts

Stash Bum Bag

It's the ultimate accessory for people on the go. Your favorite fashion item if you're going to a festival, getting ready for a vacation, or just like to keep your hands free.


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In Positive


Embrace your weirdness, be here and now, be free, be one with everything! Let's be High In The Arctic together!

Philosophy, Spirituality, Health, Art, Crypto, Psychology, Design, Psychedelics, Love, Exercise, Astrology, Science, Nature, Technology, Personal Development, Sleep, and a lot more.

Psychedelic Background

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Psychedelic T-Shirt

33 Important Words

Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Psychedelic Poster - Mescaline, Weed, Psilocybin, Acid, Ayahuasca

Ticket To Expand

Framed Poster

Make a bold statement in any room with this framed psychedelic poster, printed on thick, durable, matte paper.

Good Vibes

Men's Slip-On Canvas Shoes

About us

Welcome to the High Arctic!

We're a vibrant collective creating psychedelic-inspired art and fashion in a magical setting with the midnight sun, northern lights, and enchanting landscapes. Our home, rich in shamanic history, is a place of mystic wonders—witches, trolls, elves, orbs, and Reindeers. Join us in spreading positive vibes and love through our unique creations. 

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